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Recently, the company found that a large number of web sites on the sale of hengfa brand products online information. To this end, our company makes the following official statement: I. as of the date of this statement, ningbo daxie development zone hengfa safe deposit box co., ltd. has not authorized any institutions, units or individuals to sell "hengfa" brand safe deposit box products online. 2. Within 30 days from the release date of this statement, all websites shall check and clean up the stores involved in online sales of "hengfa" brand safe deposit box products, and delete relevant contents, otherwise, the company shall have the right to take legal proceedings and hold relevant websites liable. Three, for some consumers in the online purchase of "heng fa" brand safe, ningbo daxie development zone heng fa safe co., ltd. does not guarantee its authenticity, nor provide any after-sales service. Hereby declare! Ningbo daxie development zone hengf

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