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On September 23, shenzhen lake view 㳕 gore will held a special golf tournament, will hold the reason during the Hong Kong jewelry manufacturing, hengfa safe company as sponsors were invited to attend. On the dinner of 25th, chairman of the chamber of commerce warmly shook hands with wang yongjun (Mr.), chairman of hengfa safe box company, and thanked him for his great support to the exhibition activities of Hong Kong jewelry chamber of commerce in these years.
Ningbo daxie development zone hengfa safe co., ltd. from the beginning of the venture, has been adhering to the honest and trustworthy, legal operation as the standard, to "success, development youdao" as the business philosophy, to "wholeheartedly" as the service concept, won the terminal customer many praise! Heng fa safe in front of the honor, not arrogant, steadfast, hard work, create brilliant!
From August 30 to 31, 2013, the marketing management team of hengfa safe box company participated in the course training of "psychological sales and absolute transaction" sponsored by ningbo branch of jinlanmeng enterprise management consultant. Through the learning and sharing of panoramic sales cases, students can easily learn to communicate with the top method, and further master the core essence of sales, in order to change, improve the actual sales ability. Instructor: Mr. Hu tianmo -- an expert in improving the performance of China's business system, a senior lecturer of golden blue alliance, a special marketing consultant of MBA institute of university of aeronautics and astronautics, a gold coach of Wolf sales elite training camp and golden mouth sales sales training camp.
On August 16, 2013, the post innovation (creative time) presentation meeting of hengfa company was held for the first time. Post innovation (creative time) activity is a mass self-improvement activity carried out by the company after the introduction of management consulting, aiming to motivate employees to do some improvement activities based on their own posts to make the work easier, more convenient, safer, more reasonable, more environmentally friendly and more... In the past month, 21 improvement proposals have been received, mostly from front-line employees. This presentation meeting provides a platform for employees to show themselves, which makes them feel more fulfilled at work and enriches the company's spiritual and cultural life. This presentation meeting provides a platform for employees to show themselves, which makes them feel more fulfilled at work and enriches the company's spiritual and cultural life. ...
On May 31, solstice sent the middle and upper level managers to attend the performance management training class for two days and one night, which laid a good theoretical foundation for the company to further improve performance management.
On April 14, hengfa company introduced the management consulting (innovation) project for the first time. The picture is the scene where ningbo tuozhi management consulting company's consulting teacher gave a lecture to the company. Participated in the training of the company's grassroots backbone, middle and upper management staff to express their personal opinions, and actively interact with the teacher, the classroom momentum is exciting and active.
Guangzhou international safe and lock exhibition is the epitome of hengfa!
The new type of cabinet will be displayed at the Canton fair --- international safe and lock exhibition!

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