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On May 5, 2014, hengfa held a creative time presentation. At the meeting, a number of employees Shared their excellent improvement proposals with everyone and won the recognition of the company. Hengfa company started to introduce creative time activities last year, and this is the third time to hold the presentation meeting, which is a mass activity to inspire employees to improve and innovate, and also a good platform for employees to show themselves.
On November 22, 2013, the company invited experts and teachers of golden blue alliance enterprise management consultants to the company's factory for marketing diagnosis and consulting. The project lasted for 9 days. The purpose of this project is to make the sales team re-understand the current marketing situation of the company through the consultation and diagnosis of the teacher, find out the gap, define the direction, plan the layout of the market in the future, and finally achieve the goal of improving the marketing management level.
On October 28, 2013, hengfa held the second post innovation (creative time) presentation. A total of 17 improvement proposals were received this time, and 5 excellent proposals were awarded. The leaders of the company awarded certificates and prizes to the employees on the spot, and the proposal bonus was specially set up by the company. Build a self-display platform for employees through the presentation meeting, and promote the improvement of employees' quality. Post innovation (creative time) is a mass self-improvement activity carried out after the introduction of management consulting, which is one of the important carriers of lean production.
In order to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to actively introduce management consulting, attach importance to enterprise management innovation, and constantly improve the level of enterprise management, ningbo continued to implement the "100 small and medium-sized enterprises management diagnosis plan" in 2013. The "2013 ningbo excellent management consulting (innovation) enterprise" declared by hengfa safe has been approved and approved by the government. On October 23, 2013, ningbo economic and information commission organized relevant experts to come to hengfa company for comprehensive review. The experts affirmed the management consulting work of our company, and also put forward valuable guidance.
In order to strengthen product quality control and improve product quality, hengfa safety box specially employs a team of quality management experts to provide on-site guidance and consulting services to the factory. After preliminary planning, on October 23, 2013, the 2-month project launch meeting focusing on "quality improvement" was held as scheduled, with the participation of middle-level and above management cadres and quality inspection personnel. At the launch meeting, 4 teachers from the group of experts communicated and interacted with participants, and the atmosphere was warm and lively.
Hu shaopeng, deputy premier of hengfa safe deposit box company, receives an interview with xinhua modern gold news agency reporter at the awarding ceremony of 2013 "ningbo brand in my mind" selection activity of ningbo grand theater on oct 11. In an interview with Mr. Hu hengfa was rated as "the reputation of gold" brand, talked about his speech: "this award is a recognition of our efforts before, people's support and trust is our motivation, hengfa will be more steadfast responsible to research and development and production, make constant hair not only in ningbo hengfa, also is the constant, constant in the world."
The 3rd "ningbo brand in my mind" award ceremony was held in ningbo grand theater on October 11, 2013, jointly organized by ningbo famous brand promotion association, Oriental hotline and xinhua modern news agency. Since the activity was launched in May 2013, it has aroused wide repercussions in the society. Chen baonian, President of ningbo famous brand product promotion association, said that 350,000 people's participation in this activity is the recognition of ningbo consumers, and we expect more ningbo enterprises and consumers to participate in the brand construction of ningbo. 2013 "ningbo brand in my mind" selection activity after recommendation, qualification audit, public vote, evaluation group evaluation and other stages of fierce competition, notarized by the notary office, the result of the selection was announced at the award ceremony, ningbo daxie development zone hengfa safe co., LTD. It is understood that the mass of the ningbo local brands poll,
Recently, ningbo economic and information technology committee and ningbo finance bureau jointly issued the "notice on the issuance of special funds for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in 2013", a total of 50 small and medium-sized enterprises in the city included in the 2013 special funds for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises project support plan, a total of 21,160 million yuan of subsidies. Hengfa safe patent subsidy project ranks among them, with the project fund subsidy of 102,000 yuan. Hengfa safe has always attached importance to and focused on science and technology and r & d innovation, independent has a number of patents and core technology and widely used in production, the company produces more than 80% of the products contain independent patent technology, product sales channels unblocked, good market effect, favored by consumers. This is a recognition and encouragement to the company. We will invest more financial and ma

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