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Warm congratulations to hengfa company "HEFA" trademark has been identified as a well-known trademark in ningbo!
On November 22, the seventh creative time (job innovation) presentation meeting of hengfa company was held, and more than 10 improvement proposals were received, among which 5 employees won the excellent proposal award.
On September 24, the sixth launch meeting of hengfa creative time was successfully held. There were more than 10 creative proposals this time, among which 4 employees won the excellent proposal award, and the company presented them with certificates of honor and prizes.
From September 19 to September 27, hengfa introduced Beijing golden blue alliance enterprise consulting expert team to provide field service for 9 days on the diagnosis and transformation of the company's organizational process. Through the consultation of this project, it has played a specific role in helping and guiding the company's organizational construction, functional control, responsibility implementation and other aspects, and pointed out the direction for building an efficient team.
On August 1, 2014, ningbo shopping festival -- Hong Kong jewelry exhibition held a grand opening ceremony at tianyi international shopping center. Subsequently, chairman liu of Hong Kong jewelry chamber of commerce, together with his colleagues and Hong Kong jewelry lady visited hengfa and the general manager of the company warmly received the leaders of the chamber of commerce
June 1 is children's day, the company organized training, let me this older "children" also had the honor of a happy, exciting, harvest "children" festival. Under the guidance of the development division, we carried out the training of "high bridge breaking", "lock crossing", "angry birds", "sky ladder", "canoeing", "Roman gun rack", crossing "escape wall" and "real person cs". Every project makes me eager to break through myself! When I stood on the platform of the broken bridge at an altitude of 5 meters high and could only put down one foot in turn, although some colleagues guaranteed my safety and encouraged me, I still felt my heart beat fast and stopped -- the feeling of not grounding made me lose the sense of security! The support and encouragement from colleagues! I lost my cowardice, fear, step out of my first step! I succeeded -- the broken bridge became flat in my heart, I
The 4th China safe box expo was successfully held in pazhou exhibition hall of China import and export fair in guangzhou on May 12-14 with the support of relevant government departments and many associations at home and abroad. Hengfa safe again invited to participate in the exhibition, the exhibition hengfa with unique patent technology, and advanced production technology has won the praise and praise of domestic and foreign merchants and dealers!
On May 6, 2014, the "striving for excellence" meritorious service competition commendation conference of ningbo daxie development zone was held in daxie theater, and 18 representatives from all units in the region were commended by the management committee of the development zone. Mr. Wang yongjun, general manager of hengfa company, was honored as "advanced individual" in the meritorious service competition. Figure 4 on the left is Mr. Wang yongjun, general manager of hengfa company

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