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Swiss royal high - class fingerprint cabinet is coming to market!
In order to improve the quality of the company's sales staff, from March 2 to March 3, the company selected 5 regional business managers to participate in the "golden blue alliance marketing management training class" training, including the new marketing talents to join the hengfa team. The lecturer is huang zheng, a famous trainer, senior management consultant, marketing and management expert.
February 5, the company canteen for workers homemade sumptuous New Year's eve dinner, we gathered together, with a beautiful music, eating delicious food, in a happy laughter in the old year and the New Year. To the end of the year, in order to reflect the respect and recognition of the old staff, the company specially prepared commemorative gold COINS, for each full 5 years of service staff issued a special gift.
The security of 2012 Hong Kong jewelry exhibition is provided by ningbo hengfa company The 2012 Hong Kong fashion jewelry exhibition will be held in ningbo international shopping center on July 27, 2012 (10 days). More than one thousand kinds of Hong Kong jewelry with exquisite design were selected for this exhibition The most beautiful scenery.
Successful constant development youdao -- wang yongjun, general manager of hengfa safe deposit box co., LTD., daxie development zone, ningbo Wentu/China security certification reporter long xi As a professional production and development of guard against theft, fire protection, hotel, residential, commercial, military box cabinets, vault door, as one of the research and development manufacturing enterprise, hengfa as always committed to the security industry, through continuous technology and product innovation, as consumers and users around the world, including China, supplier performance is stable, the quality guaranteed security products. Hengfa youdao follows the successful persistence development principle, adhere to the depth of the research and development as the core, on the basis of fine production, with good after-sales service as guarantee, to high-tech products as the core competitiveness of enterprises, through the deeper research and development of science and tech
From April 16 to 18, 2012, the second China (guangzhou) international safe (cabinet) expo was held in guangzhou. The expo was sponsored by China security industry association and ningbo daxie development zone safe (cabinet) industry association. The exhibition in the constant hair safe with a new image, new products and patent technology exhibition now on the exhibition, by domestic and foreign merchants and dealers of the pro-gaze and attention, some domestic and foreign merchants have reached the intention of cooperation. (special thanks to hengfa safe guangzhou office for your support)
Recently, the company's total investment of more than 20 million yuan of the new plant is going into the installation of equipment phase. This project has purchased high-end seiko equipment such as huzhou hydraulic press, up-punching CNC bending machine and plate shearing machine, hangzhou forging punch and complete production line, and will adopt advanced production technology and technology, especially the application of patent protection technology owned by the company, to lay a good foundation for the rapid launch of high-end 3C products. The new factory into production, to improve the company's product structure, improve product grade, improve the market structure will play a strong role in promoting!
Warm congratulations to ningbo daxie development zone hengfa safe co., LTD. Sincerely invite Hong Kong jewelry miss endorsement success!!!

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